What’s your Design Style?

Posted on September 9th, 2011

For the next few weeks, we’re going to be exploring 4 main design styles:  Traditional – Transitional-Contemporary-Eclectic!  Each style has it’s own distinct personality and evokes a unique feeling when a room is entered.  Why?  Because how your rooms are designed says something about YOU and the people living in your home.  Your home’s design style is totally a matter of your personal expression!  And when you select fabrics, furnishings, lighting and accessories for your home, you will want these items to help you showcase your personal and individual style. 

Most often, lovers of a traditional decorating style consider new purchases very carefully; find a place for your furniture, and keep that same furniture placement for years; look for high quality in all home purchases; love tassels and trims; might be a bit sentimental; enjoy adding and displaying treasured mementos and collections;  like to mix upholstered and wood pieces of furniture; and love creating displays of family photos for all to admire.

So, if any of those characteristics speak to you,  let’s take a look at American’s #1 preferred design style -  Traditional!  Here are three traditionally designed rooms – a Bedroom, Dining room and Living Room:

What makes these rooms representative of a Traditional Design Style?  Firstly, they all show tremendous respect to time honored furnishings – not the current fads in design.  A traditionally inspired rooms is lovely, appealing, and showcases  gorgeous fabrics and warm color schemes.  Often time, you will find traditionally design rooms filled with antiques – or antique reproductions.  Everything from Chippendale, to Hepplewhite – to classic French inspired designed furnishings.  Here are a few home furnishings products that might appeal to YOU if the traditional design style is your favorite:

  • Area Rugs – perhaps with an Oriental design, or wool tufted rugs inspired by the Victorian era.
  • Window treatments – luxurious fabrics – billowing side panels, and gorgeous swag and jabot valance treatments.
  • Passementerie – tassels and trims – on window treatments, furnishings even lamps!  Trims and tassels add such a special design touch to any room decor.
  • Wallcovering – featuring embossed papers – tone on tone – or richly colored damask inspired designs.
  • Furnishings designed with a classic style – curved legs, upholstered for comfort, often featuring a traditionally inspired upholstery fabric.
  • Accessories showcasing  your favorite collectibles – all tastefully displayed – perhaps in vintage curio cabinet.

And, while often times Traditionally design rooms appear to be a bit more formal, they are alwaysdesigned to be  inviting, comfortable and most of all welcoming!